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Waarom Reverdy ?

Our obsession: Quality!
Everything we sell, we manufacture it.

Raw ingredients

The choice and quality of raw ingredients are essential

100 % noble raw ingredients
No by-products, waste from the agri-food industry.
No bran, brewers grains, integuments, middlings, husks etc.

0 % molasses
By-product of sugar, responsible for pathological disorders such as choke, gastric ulcers and behavioural problems.

French cereals
Cereals harvested in the production areas close to our factory, in Normandy.
We support regional agriculture.

100 % of raw ingredients without GMO*
Maize and French soya bean meal without GMO*.
*guaranteed to 99.1 %

Feeds carrying the “Bleu Blanc Coeur” label
With extruded linseed naturally rich in omega 3.

Special alfalfa for horses, certified non doping.

Raw ingredients transported by our own lorries
For added safety!

Optimal doses of vitamins
Accordance with international recommendations.
We get supplies from European leader of vitamins manufacturing = Optimum sanitary guarantee and stability.

Highly assimilable trace elements
Zinc and copper in “hydroxy” form.
100 % of selenium supplied in digestible L-selenomethionine form.

Field of flax


A unique know-how

Certified factory
ISO 9001 and GMP+.

A factory 100 % dedicated to the horse
No risk of cross contamination.

One factory
A single manufacturing location, in Normandy.
Product homogeneity guarantee.
The same product, throughout the year, everywhere.

No “optimised formulas”
The formulation of our feeds does not vary according to cereal prices !
The same product, throughout the year, everywhere.

The production chain controlled from A to Z
From the arrival of the raw ingredients to the delivery of the finished product to the client.
Complete and absolute control over the quality of our products.

Steam pelleting
Pellets formed using steam and mechanical energy. Nothing more!
No molasses used in the pelleting process.



Personalised customer service

Personalised delivery
A fleet of ten lorries for a personalised service.

Customer support
Our team in the office and on the ground are permanently at your disposal.

Technical brochure
We publish a popular scientific technical brochure*. A work of reference, it will allow you to make an informed choice.
*Available free on request.

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