Reverdy company

A Normandy small/medium sized business 100% committed to the horse, specialised in the manufacturing of quality feeds and supplements.


The company story started at the Reverdy stud farm, located a few kilometres from the Mont-Saint-Michel...

The stud farm owner breeds top class sport horses and trotters. It was within this context that he started to take a serious interest in the subject of feeding. Firstly for his own horses, producing a made-to-measure feed that he went on to commercialise. Thus, on the 11th of July 2000 the company Sartilly Industries was born. Very quickly, the company invested, building a factory in which to manufacture its own feeds under the brand name Reverdy Nutrition Équine. The company philosophy has always been to produce excellent feeds, based on the selection of quality raw ingredients. 2013 was marked by the acquisition of a new laboratory with the aim of producing premixes and nutritional supplements. This new unit has allowed the company to go back a stage further in the fabrication process and improve the quality of its’ products. In this way the company has control over the entire production chain commencing at the purchase of the raw ingredients !

Reverdy feed manufacturing factory
Reverdy laboratory, where the premixes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and nutritional supplements are developed.


The Company has two production sites close to the Mont-Saint-Michel...

A feed manufacturing factory, and a laboratory where the premixes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and nutritional supplements are developed.

Reverdy feed products range

All our feeds are based on cereals of French origin that we have carefully and rigorously selected. Their composition contains neither molasses, nor GMO (<0.9%) or by-products (bran, husks, teguments...). The diversity of our range ensures that you will be able find the perfect feed to suit your horse’s age and activity.

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Reverdy vitamin and mineral supplements range
Balancers and vitamin & mineral supplements

Feed balancers and vitamin & mineral supplements to optimally fulfil daily requirements.

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Reverdy nutritional supplements range
Nutritional supplements

A range of nutritional supplements to add to the daily ration in order to meet specific needs (Breeding, General Health & Well-being, Effort management, Digestion, Joint & Mobility).

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A quality approach

The company policy has always been orientated around the development of quality feeds using noble raw-ingredients without by-products, molasses or GMO (<0.9%). These raw ingredients respond to extremely strict specifications. The French cereals used in our feeds are harvested in the growing areas close to our factory. Our pelleted feeds contain generous amounts of extruded linseed, a source of omega 3, which allows them to carry the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur label (except Mash).

Inform! Explain ! Explain the importance of the choice and quality of raw ingredients. Explain that molasses is not good for horses. Explain that our horses, like humans, are what they eat. Explain, inform!

The entire Reverdy team remain at your disposal and answer your questions.


Éric Lecler.

Managing director