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A combination of gastric acidity regulators and L-glutamine.

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1 measure of CARE (45 g) provides...
20,225 mg of lithothamnion, 13,000 mg of scFOS, 9,000 mg of L-glutamine and 200 mg of zinc.


Reverdy Care is a nutritional supplement (powder) for horses.

A combination of gastric acidity regulators and L-glutamine.
Takes part in preventing and healing of stomach ulcers in the horse.

Why using Reverdy Care?

  • Preventing gastric ulcers.
  • Can be used at higher doses in the following situations:
    • Suspicion of gastric ulcers in stressed horses,
    • Stress causing situations: transport over long distances, periods of intense training, preparation for the sale ring, etc.,
    • Known presence of gastric ulcers, in addition to a suitable diet.

Advanced composition

Lithothamnion (Phymatolithon calcareum), scFOS (Short chain Fructo-oligosaccharides), green apple flavouring.

L-glutamine 200,000 mg
Zinc (Sulphate) 4,445 mg



Humidity 2 %
Total protein 23 %
Crude fibre <0.3 %
Ash 42 %
Calcium 13 %
Sodium 0.3 %
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Suggested use

Mix well into the feed. Distribute the daily dose divided between meals.
1 measure = 45 g

(500 KG)
(1.6 KG)
Preventative dose  1 measure (45 g)
equivalent to 9 g /100 kg (liveweight)
122 days 
Maximale recommended dose 2 measures (90 g)
equivalent to 18 g /100 kg (liveweight)
61 days

For ponies and youngstock, administer a daily dose in proportion to the animal’s liveweight.

Free from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) in accordance with the regulations of racing codes, FEI, FFE and SHF.


Lithothamnion is calcareous seaweed presenting a sponge like (“honeycomb”) structure. These special characteristics explain its prolonged and highly effective buffering effect in an acid environment. Its effectiveness in neutralising the acid secretions of the stomach has been validated in the horse. In horses studied, giving the same quantity of lithothamnion as contained in the equivalent of 2 measures of CARE over a 30 day period, permitted a considerable reduction in ulcerous lesions.

It has been proven that scFOS reduce the acidity of the stomach contents in the horse. As prebiotics, they increase the quantity and activity of the intestinal flora which use lactic acid.

L-glutamine is a significant source of energy for fast renewing cells, such as those of the digestive tract. This amino acid thus participates in preserving the integrity of the gastric mucosa and helps heal ulcerous lesions.

Zinc sulphate is involved in the rapid and prolonged inhibition of acid secretions in the stomach.


Store in a dry place, away from light, at room temperature.

Shelf life: 24 months

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