Lithothamne 1kg

Lithothamne for horses.

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Lithothamnium calcareum (Corallinaceae), algae (powder).


Lithothamne for horses.

Supposed virtues / Traditional uses:

  • Source of assimilable calcium and magnesium, favourable to good bone mineralisation,
  • High and long lasting buffering capacity, could help to neutralising acid secretions in the stomach,
  • Balances the calcium to phosphorus ratio of cereal-based rations.

Advanced composition

Moisture < 5 %
Ash 95 %
Calcium 33 %
Magnesium 2.5 %
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Suggested use

Introduce gradually into the ration. Mix well with cereals or pelleted feed.

Distribute twice daily if possible.

Supplied measure: 30 ml

100kg body-weight 5 - 10 g
500kg horse 25 - 50 g (≃ 25 - 50 ml)
300kg pony 15 - 30 g (≃ 15 - 30 ml)

Length of treatment: Can be given continuously. Dose to be adjusted according to the calcium and phosphorus content of the entire diet (concentrate feed + hay). Consult your vet for advice.


Our product is guaranteed without additives.

Precautions for use

Product intented for equines. Respect the instruction for use.

Close properly after use. Keep out of reach of children


Store in a dry place, away from light, at room temperature.

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