Myostimul 10kg

A source of essential amino acids, vitamin E and organic selenium.

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1 measuring cup (100 g) of MYOSTIMUL provides...
39 g of digestible proteins, including 3,350 mg of lysine, 2,000 mg of threonine, 1,000 mg of methionine, 2,300 mg of isoleucine, 4,050 mg of leucine, 2,350 mg of valine and 3,000 mg of arginine as well as 500 mg of vitamin E and 0.25 mg of organic selenium.


Reverdy Myostimul is a nutritional supplement for horses and young growing horses.

A source of essential amino acids, vitamin E and organic selenium.
Contributes to improving muscular development and protection.

Why using Reverdy Myostimul?

  • Covers daily requirements in essential amino acids.
  • Supports muscular development in young growing horses and adult horses.

Advanced composition

Soya bean meal without GMO*, milk serum protein concentrate, fructose.
* (<0.1%)

DL-methionine 2,420 mg
Selenium (Organic Selenium) 2.5 mg
Vitamin E 5,000 mg

Humidity 12.5 %
Total Protein 47.5 %
Fats and oils 2 %
Crude Fibre 5 %
Ash 7.5 %
Calcium 0.3 %
Phosphorus 0.5 %
Magnesium 0.5 %
Sodium 0.4 %
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Suggested use

Distribute with cereals or compound feed.
1 measuring cup = 100 g

Maintenance dose 1 measuring cup (100 g)
equivalent to 20 g /100 kg (adult liveweight)
Maximum recommended dose 3 measuring cups (300 g)
equivalent to 60 g /100 kg (adult liveweight)

For ponies, administer a daily dose in proportion to the animal’s liveweight.

Non doping product without Prohibited Natural Feed Substances (analysed within the framework of a control scheme).


The combination of GMO-free French soya bean meal (<0.1%) and serum milk protein concentrate makes it possible to supply the main essential amino acids in proportions close to those found in mare’s milk.

Providing these amino acids promotes muscle development in both young growing and adult horses at rest or at work.

Feeding 1 cup (100 g) of Reverdy MYOSTIMUL provides a similar quantity of lysine, an essential amino acid in the horse, to that provided by 1 L (0.7 kg) of REVERDY ADULT ENERGY.

Vitamin E is a major biological antioxidant that plays a key role in protecting the cell membranes of the body. Its use is particularly interesting in the sports horse as it helps to prevent muscle disorders ("tying-up").

Selenium is a trace element which, as a co-factor of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), plays a key role in the antioxidant battle alongside vitamin E. 100 % of the selenium is supplied as selenomethionine, the principal form under which selenium is stored in the organism. Selenium from this organic source is better assimilated and stored than that provided by sodium selenite (the inorganic form).

Precautions for use

Due to the presence of high levels of selenium and vitamin E, respect the recommendations.


Store in a dry place, away from light, at room temperature.

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