Osteoflexy 12.5kg


A source of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and chondroprotective agents.

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2 measures (70 g) of OSTEOFLEXY provide...
7,500 mg of calcium, 5,000 mg of glucosamine (sulphate 2 KCl), 3,750 mg of phosphorus, 2,500 mg of MSM, 1,750 mg of magnesium, 180 mg of zinc, 100 mg of manganese, 63 mg of copper, 2,500 IU of vitamin D3, 6 mg of vitamin K3.


Reverdy Osteoflexy is a nutritional supplement (small pellets) for bones and cartilage of horses and young horses.

A source of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and chondroprotective agents.
Contributes to improving bone mineralization and cartilage and bone renewal.

Why using Reverdy Osteoflexy?

  • Covers daily requirements in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, vitamins D3 and K3.
  • Supports bone mineralization for young growing horses.
  • Mineralization disorders, to help bone consolidation following a fracture.

Advanced composition

Barley, dicalcium phosphate, lithothamnion, magnesium phosphate, glucosamine sulphate 2 KCl (marine origin), extruded linseed, extruded soya beans*, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), fructose.

Zinc (Chloride hydroxide) 2,571 mg
Manganese (Chloride tri hydroxide) 1,429 mg
Copper (Chloride tri hydroxide) 900 mg
Vitamin D3 35,714 IU
Vitamin K3 86 mg



Humidity 12.5 %
Total protein 9 %
Fats and oils 1 %
Crude fibre 2,5 %
Ash 44 %
Calcium 10.7 %
Phosphorus 5.4 %
Magnesium 2.5 %
Sodium 0,2 %
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Suggested use

Distribute with cereals or compound feed. Mix well into the feed.
1 measure = 35 g

Maintenance dose 2 measures (70 g)
equivalent to 14 g /100 kg (adult liveweight)
178 days 
Maximum recommended dose 4 measures (140 g)
equivalent to 28 g /100 kg (adult liveweight)
89 days

For ponies, administer a daily dose in proportion to the animal’s liveweight.

Free from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) in accordance with the regulations of racing codes, FEI, FFE and SHF.


Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are vital minerals for bone mineralization. Calcium of marine origin is better assimilated than calcium provided by limestone. Lithothamnion has been shown to increase bone renewal and mineralization after 112 days compared to calcium carbonate from limestone.

Glucosamine is the precursor of many of the constituents of proteoglycans and of hyaluronic acid. In cartilage, hyaluronic acid is bound with proteoglycans and form aggregates which ensure good hydration of this tissue. In the synovial fluid joints, hyaluronic acid has a role of lubricant and chondroprotective agent. It has been shown glucosamine supplementation decreased inflammation while supporting the growth of new cartilage in response to joint trauma in young growing horses when glucosamine was administered for 84 days prior to the injury in question.

MSM also possesses chondroprotective properties. It is a source of organic sulphur which is indispensable to the synthesis of collagen, an abundant protein in cartilage and which gives it hydration, resistance, elasticity and suppleness.

Zinc, manganese and copper are provided in an easily absorbed form. These trace elements are associated with a number of enzymes which play important roles within the body in the formation of bone and cartilage.

Vitamin D3 participates in bone mineralization, playing a part in regulating the balance between phosphorus and calcium.

In horses, menadione (vitamin K3) has been demonstrated to be the only patented vitamin K that increases the plasma concentration of menaquinone-4, the most effective vitamin K form regulating bone metabolism. Vitamin K contributes to increasing bone volume and strength by stimulating bone formation and reducing bone resorption.

Precautions for use

Due to the presence of high levels of vitamins and trace elements, respect the recommendations.


Store in a dry place, away from light, at room temperature.

Shelf life: 18 months

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