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An Aloe vera gel, aluminium phosphate, glutamine and scFOS based gastric protector.

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1 syringe (60 ml) of GASTRIC GEL provides...
34,650 mg of Aloe vera, 10,000 mg of aluminium phosphate, 10,000 mg of glutamine and 9,000 mg of scFOS.


An Aloe vera gel, aluminium phosphate, glutamine and scFOS based gastric protector.
Contributes to limiting acid secretions of the stomach, protecting the cells of the gastric mucosa and stimulating mucus production.

  • Prevents gastric ulcers
  • Can be used at higher doses in the following situations:
    • Suspicion of gastric ulcers in stresse horses,
    • Stressful conditions: transport over long distances, periods of intense training, preparation for the sale ring, etc.
    • Know presence of gastric ulcers, in complement to veterinary treatment and a suitable diet.
  • Diarrhoea in foals under the mother

Advanced composition

Pure Aloe vera (gel), aluminium phosphate, scFOS (Short chain Fructooligosaccharides), sorbitol, natural green apple flavouring.

L-glutamine 131,234 mg
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Usage tips

Gastric ulcers: administer preferably 1 h before the concentrate meal, an effort, a transport or all stressful event.

Maintenance dose 1 syringe (60 ml) equivalent to 12 ml / 100 kg (live weight)
Maximal recommended dose 3 syringes (180 ml) equivalent to 36 ml / 100 kg (live weight)

Diarrhoea in foals under the mother (500 kg adult weight): administer 0.5 syringe in the morning and the evening for 3 days.

For ponies and young stock, the daily dose should correspond to the animals' live-weight.


Aloe vera gel contains lectins which inhibit acid secretions of the stomach by acting directly on the parietal cells. The tannins, saponins and flavonoids which it contains may be responsible for its’ protective action on the cells and the anti-inflammatory action on digestive mucosa. Finally the aloe vera stimulates mucus production by the glandular cells and improves its’ qualities.

Aluminium phosphate possesses the ability to cover and line the gastric mucosa. It has also a cytoprotective effect: stimulating the production of endogenous prostaglandins which favourmucus and bicarbonate secretion, increasing blood flow in the mucosa and decreasing acid secretion.

Glutamine represents an important energy source for fast renewing cells, such as those in the digestive tract. This amino-acid thus participates in maintaining the integrity of the gastric mucosa and helps in the healing of ulcerous lesions.

As prebiotics, the scFOS support and stabilise the beneficial intestinal flora in the stomach. They therefore contribute to limiting undesirable, lactic acid producing bacterial fermentations and gas responsible for bloating.


Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of between 5 and 25°C.

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